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It all started in a University football team years and years ago, when two future lawyers played well together. We had the same goals and we shared the same success, when after a great, fair game we won the match. Years later we changed our sports gear for suits, the pitch for a court room, but still together we yet again waited for the verdict of a judge after another fight representing our clients. This team however required other skills besides stamina, as being precise, customer focused and honest are big part of our chosen profession. As a strong collegiate unit, we work hard to succeed in all the cases of all our clients. We are really proud of being able to combine our professional knowledge and fresh approach with our extensive network of contacts in the fields of Insurance, Property, Compensation, Road Traffic and Company Law. Thanks to our German and Italian partners, the borders of Hungary are no boundaries for our services.

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dr. Zoltán Újvári
Lawyer, specialising in Insurance and Property Law
Founder of Újvári es Báji-Patay Law Firm

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